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Check Out Our Groupon Deals!

If you want to feel and look your best, get styled with Libby Tango at Willow Grove Beauty Spa in Shrewsbury, NJ. For the very best in style and deals, Willow Grove is now offering Groupon deals to have you feeling fabulous without breaking the bank.

Check out our amazing offers now at Groupon and book with us on Booksy!

Groupon Hair Design Deals In Shrewsbury

Willow Grove is currently offering deals on the following services:

  • Partial Highlights with Haircut; Restrictions Apply for $100

  • Partial Highlights with Haircut for $153

  • Full Highlights with Haircut for $185

  • Face-Frame Highlights for $68

For more information on our current deals visit Groupon or our website for more information!

As we are a new business created during the pandemic, reviews mean the world to Willow Grove. It allows us to reach new people and make them feel as fabulous and stylish as ever. As incentive for our customers to leave reviews and let everyone know about their experience at Willow Grove Beauty Spa we will be randomly picking a reviewer and gifting them with a $25 gift card. This combined with our current summer promotions promises to give big beauty savings on our most popular services.

Learn the Willow Grove difference today and schedule with Libby on Booksy!

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